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Fanfiction Aboard the SS Fire and Ice

All Things Fanfiction Aboard Fire and Ice
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All Members , Moderated
Got a fic? Want a fic? Know a fic? Then pimp it/request it/rec it here at pimp_my_dg_fic. This community is about everything fanfiction- wise aboard the SS Fire and Ice. Need a beta? We'll find you one. Need resources? We've got 'em. Want to pimp your Draco/Ginny fic, community, website, or anything else? Yep, you guessed it! That all goes here, too. Here you can also find challenges and a few members who'll take requets for fics. Need an LJ icon? Visit my other community, angels_ashes, or post your own! I haven't been able to find a lot of good D/G icons out there, so if you have any, here is a place to post them!!!


1) Please stay on topic: Draco/Ginny. Anything at all d/g will be tolerated, anything else will be deleted.
2) For all fics, please provide just general info, like author name, a link to the fic, and a rating. Summary is nice, and if warnings are needed, add them. The below form is kind of like a guideline. Use it if you want to. ;)
Author Name:
Link: (you don't have to put the entire fic behind an LJ cut, especially if it's not yours. Just provide a link to where the fic is already archived.)
3) When posting, put what kind of post it is (i.e. fic, rec, website, art, icon, etc.) somewhere in the entry or subject bar so I can archive the post in the memories. This way, it's easier for memebers to browse around and quickly find what they're looking for.
4) NO FLAMING!!! Constructive critisism is fine, but don't be rude.
5)Most of all, have fun and enjoy the community!!!

Have any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment at the mod's LJ (wrenskywalker), or email her at wren_skywalker@yahoo.com. Anything you have to say, she wants to hear! :D